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Youth Program

Conditioning & Sports Coaching
With active participation in organized sports over the past 8 years in Football, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Racquetball, Tennis, and Golf, AFT's ability to bring a personal coach to a youth's routine is now easier than ever. With 6 years of coaching 2 of my own children, working with youths has become one of my primary focuses.

The intention behind working with a personal coach at the youth level is to heighten the child's abilities at a certain skill sport/position, and foster an overall awareness and ability level that can continue from age 10 to 18. Our goal is to put a youth on a track that keeps them involved with sports and fitness for the remainder of their days in school and prepare them for college and beyond. Building a foundation early in life has many advantages that will support them throughout their adult lives.

Even youths not participating in organized sports can benefit from AFT's services which promote physical conditioning and mental well-being. Whether it is to lose weight, gain weight, increase coordination, or simply be an active youth, AFT can deliver.