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AFT offers the following in each and every personalized program based on a free introductory client evaluation and needs assessment consultation: Sessions are designed from the following options and are based on the outcome of the initial free client consultation:

Session Times
60 Minute
90 Minute
120 Minutes (group sessions only)

Group Sessions (Organized in advance)
2-4 Individuals (A)
5-7 Individuals (B)
8-10 Individuals (C)

Session Pricing
Single Private Session - $65.00/Hour
Package of 4 Private Sessions - $55.00/Hour
Package of 8 Private Sessions - $50.00/Hour
Group A Sessions per person - $30.00/Hour
Group B Sessions per person - $25.00/Hour
Group C Sessions per person - $20.00/Hour

Pricing and scheduling is finalized by client and AFT upon completion of consultation and client assessment.